Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Honeypot - w/c 07.01.13

This week has been a pretty frantic one, especially after being lulled into a false sense of calm by the Christmas slump fest. Back on it with a new sense of energy this week with lots happening at home and work as well as getting excited about the forthcoming Blogcademy that I'll be attending this month.

One piece of news that I've not shared on here yet as didn't want to jinx it is that hubs and I have "homespun" a little something recently and will become parents in May this year! We are pretty over excited about it all and you'll be able to look out for some nursery-based DIY posts coming up soon!

One of my New Year's resolutions was to be better about keeping up with my regular posts and so here is my first Honeypot of the year – a round up of some of my fave reads around the web this week. Enjoy!

Kitchen Honeys

Photo Credit - Bake or Break
Three “lighter” bakes from Bake or Break for those of you trying to be good in January but still needing something sweet in your lives…

Photo credit - Eat Like a Girl
...or, for the truly virtuous, try these Pork and Prawn Lemongrass Patties from Eat Like a Girl - they feel uber healthy but have a delicious kick to awaken the taste buds from their holiday food coma.

Craft Room Honeys
Photo credit - All About Ami
The talk on the Blogcademy facebook group has been largely about what sort of ears / headband combos might be sported by the headmistresses and students... would love to crochet myself a pair of these beauties on All About Ami but fear I won't have time before next week! 

Wedding Honeys

Photo credit - Rock n Roll Bride
It wasn't this week but as this is my first Honeypot of the year, thought I should send you to this really useful post from Kat at Rock n Roll Bride for any newly engaged folk out there - welcome to the wonderful world of wedding blogs! 

Photo credit - Jeremy Enness, featured on June Bug Weddings 
And here is a properly gorgeous wedding to have a drool over which was, believe it or not, at Battersea Power Station - amazing stuff designed by Mark Niemierko, photographed by Jeremy Enness and featured on June Bug Weddings.

That's your lot for this week - have a lovely, possibly snowy, week and check back here for more posts when in need of a homespun fix! xx

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