Friday, 17 August 2012

Honey I DIY... Lavender Hearts

Good morning and happy Friday! Some of you may have seen my first guest post for Boho Weddings this week - I'll be doing regular DIY tutorials for Kelly over the next few months. Check out the full post here.

These little hearts were the favours at our wedding and my bridesmaids and I made 80 of them in a couple of sessions. They were a huge hit - almost all of them were taken home despite all sorts of electrical items and bits of outfits being left as people stumbled off the dance floor.

One of the nice things about using these as a favour is that they also lend a decorative element to your tables if you use fabrics that tie in with your colour theme. We had a mismatched feel for our wedding decor so I found about 20 different fabrics and pieces of ribbon in the blues, pinks and purples of our flowers. We had some left over which we pinned to the fence where we had the drinks reception too.

You can buy loose lavender here and everything else is easily found at craft and fabric stores. Remember to look in markets for fabrics - you can get them so cheaply and often end up with a better mix of patterns etc than you would find in posh fabric shops! I got the vast majority of mine in Tooting Market for a total bargain!

Do go and have a go at the tutorial on Boho Weddings - I promise they are easy and fun to make! I'd love to see any you come up with and how you use them in your wedding. And wouldn't they make a lovely gift too?

Credit: Photos of the hearts from our wedding by Tino&Pip Photography

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