Saturday, 4 August 2012

Welcome to my Craft Room...

When I moved in with my now-hubby then-boyfriend I expressed a concern for where my 'pink' stuff would live. I've got a pathological inability to throw away any piece of paper with someone's handwriting on, bit of ribbon, button, scrap of material or end of wool ball and this had resulted in a huge amount of, admittedly pretty, space filling paraphanalia that needed a new home. I also had a lot of girly furniture and decor that I loved but didn't think would go down too well in our new shared habitat. Tom gave me ownership of the second bedroom in our new home and my "Craft Room" was born.

It took a while but the room is now a multi-functional and rather gorgeous space for all the things in my life that take up actual and head space. It's full to bursting with knitting bags, sewing kits, fabric swatches, sheet music, recipe files, high heels, microphones, thread spools, coloured pencils, scented candles, vintage books and, more practically if less excitingly, receipts kept for tax purposes. But kept in beautifully re-covered shoe boxes.

Guests love staying in the Craft Room as there's always something new to look at.  It became Wedding HQ while we were engaged, full of half-made bunting, fabric samples, glass wear, quotations, brochures and my wedding notebooks.
It's home to some of my favourite things including a rather fabulous lampshade from Lush Lampshades, a 2nd hand mirror that I cleaned up and painted, handmade (by me!) curtains and a wardrobe we inherited with the house that I made much prettier by changing the handles, painting it duck egg blue and adding some mirrors.

My recipe books may have spilled out to every room of the house (sorry, Mr B) but other than that I have managed to keep the pink stuff within the Craft Room. Sort of.

On starting this blog it could only ever be named after my happy place. Welcome to my Craft Room!

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