Monday, 13 August 2012

Scrapbooking for the Modern Miss (or Mr!)

I'm all for traditional scrap booking - I've got scapbooks for holidays I've been on, recipes I want to try, family events that deserve commemorating and am currently working on a bit of a spesh one for my wedding. But when I saw that 4homes have come up with their new online scrapbook I was pretty excited - the boy saw an advert on TV and recorded it to show me later - he knows me well!

You have to set up an account with an email address to get going and then you are free to add things to your online scrapbook. There are recipes, crafty DIYs, money and health advice, food and home articles and how-tos from the various Channel 4 programmes and presenters.

The scrapbooks are filed by programme and look really nice and you just need to click on the scissors icon to add it to your scrapbook. 

You've then got the option of filing them into folders for Food, Home, Money etc - so you can create an online recipe book that you can browse at the office when considering what to have for dinner!

The scrapbook panels take you to the full original recipe or article when you click on it, making it essentially a nicely set out and easy to view collection of bookmarks.

So often when I'm watching foody or crafty programmes on TV I think that I'd like to try something and then promptly forger about it. The great thing about the scrapbook is that you can go straight there after you've had the thought, add it in and then it's there next time you want a new project or recipe.

So get scrapbooking for 2012. But don't stop doing it the old fashioned way, a digital scrapbook will never be as evocative or satisfying as the real thing!

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